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Getting a registered address


I spent 6 months this year in a small touring caravan on my land in mid Wales. The local shop/PO kindly allowed me to have my post sent to them and kept it for me.

Next spring I'll be returning to the caravan and starting to grow veg.

Does anyone know if it's possible to create myself an address that I can then use as my official address, for bank statements, registering with a GP/dentist, etc?

Not sure if this is quite the right forum area, apologies if not.


Assuming you're on your land 'officially'? Someone will know - someone always does Laughing

Meanwhile a Somerset welcome to downsizer!

does the land have room for a post dropbox at wherever it joins a mainroad? Could you mount a lockable postbox on a gate for example?

New residential addresses are created by the council & passed on to the Royal mail for listing on the database.

You can try contacting them direct but dont hold out any hope.

Address Maintenance Administrator
Telephone :- 08456 01 11 10
Fax :- 08456 054433

Business addresses seem to be a little easier to get so could be an option.

Or you could do what lots do & just start using a made up address using the closest postcode you can find. Send yourself a few letters to see if the posty works out where to post them. After a while you will start to be listed on a few databases & eventually get listed on the main one.

collar the local postie and check that your 'new' address makes sense to him, using the postcode that is closest on a google map search?
Rob R

collar the local postie and check that your 'new' address makes sense to him, using the postcode that is closest on a google map search?

Use a Magic Map search, select postcode in the drop down search box and type in the nearest postcode to see if it covers your address.

If you register an address with the Council, 10/1 the first letter you get will be a Council Tax demand...

The second letter will be a demand to get Planning Permission for siting a caravan.

The third will be from TV licensing

Then once you get on the post office database and after they have sent you a confirmation letter and you start using your new address - about a month later you will get a bundle of letters that have been returned to post office as 'address does not exist' Rolling Eyes And oneday SKY might decide to update their database and you can get proper broadband Rolling Eyes

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions!

I agree that trying to register my address with the council will probably trigger a planning permission dialogue that I'm hoping not to have for some time yet.

Yes I could fix a letterbox to a tree at the entrance. I've not met the local postman yet but as I know the local PO staff who are friendly there's a good chance he is too, and would deliver to my newly made-up address.

Now the hard part - to think up a good name!
Ty Gwyn

Hafod Alarch,

The Swan`s Summer Home.

Nice suggestion!
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