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Getting the ship OUT of the bottle again !

A while back I bought a whiskey jug - It's pot and came with a cork glued on to a pottery stopper.

So pulling the stopper out, I broke the cork and left it in the neck of the jar. Today I got a corkscrew to pull the remains out and promptly pushed the cork into the jug ! Rolling Eyes

SO how do I get the broken off cork out again ?

I want to use the jug for drinks in the future.

The hole in the jar is about the same size as a thimble and I'm thinking I need something to dissolve the cork or else to break it up.

Suggestions please ? Embarassed

caustic soda in strong solution might do it, I certainly managed to dissolve a cork making woodash lye last year

This might help:


Well the shoulder on the jug is very much flatter than the one on his bottle - and you're working completely blind, so just guessing where the cork is Confused

But I gave it a go and - It's only Bloody worked ! Shocked Laughing Laughing

Thanks MM - I owe ya one ! Cool

Wow, superb.
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Mistress Rose

Glad it worked and rather less potentially damaging than the lye. I was a bit worried that it might attack the glazing on the inside of the jug if it was rather old.

It's no family heirloom MR ! More a novelty piece from the tail end of the 1900's methinks. It's just that I like it ! Cool

I don't think Sally's suggestion was to put lye in it, rather a concentrated Caustic Soda solution, which I would have been very content to try had MM's suggestion not turned up trumps Very Happy

Does NaOH attack glaze ? I dunno
Mistress Rose

Lye and sodium hydroxide can be interchangeable terms, although lye is also used for potassium hydroxide. Yes, I think it could if it was left in there too long, but a modern glaze should be all right if it wasn't in there more than a few days.
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