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Giant puffball?

I am hoping that this is lunch. I cannot imagine it could be anything else. The yellow staining at the bottom is the only thing slowing lunch down. The flesh stays white though and it was growing in sheep poo. Should I slice it in half for further id?


Looks like one to me. I haven't seen one in the flesh for ages though.

we can't tell from the piccies ,post a section right through,to see if its all gone to spore,or the rotten remains we see are from an old earlier puffball perhaps? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Smile

Puffballs of all types must be pure white in the middle or they will give you the most horrific tummy pains. So as long as it's firm and white throughout you'll be fine. The bottom is a bit odd though. Confused

looks like but dont eat owt but white ones

It is a puffball. Eaten only a third of it and I'm just looking up recipes for the rest. It was sitting next to sheep poo that had got wet. I cut that bit away. The rest is tasty solid white flesh.

I haven't found one for years. If it hadn't have been for sheep in the wrong field as usual, Jack would never have spotted this one.

Fry some rashers of streaky bacon till crisp.
Dip thin slices of puffball in seasoned beaten egg & fry in the bacon fat until golden brown.
Serve with the crispy bacon & good bread.

That was last nights comfort eating (without the bacon). Made barely any impression on the mushroom. It is very large. It's going into tonights fish pie. I'm making soup to freeze and any left will be put on the rayburn somewhere to dry out.

I don't think they dry very well, might be better off freezing any that's left.
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