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glass engravings for sale hand maDE

hi all

i have always been a bit of a drawer but recently got into glass engraving i have done a small range of pics on 6x6 inch cut glass pieces

im not a pro and don't use crystal glass but a small rough stand will be sent free

i am going to start selling a few as i have a build up happening most engraving take two + hours

i think for my time and glass price for a one of art a small fee of 20.00 posted is a good start..

here are a few if any one wants one i have listed els where but can make more if needed

please get in touch if any take you fancy tanks andy

Can't see any pics...

Me either

Ill drop Andy a text, let him know. Smile

I've lit the Bat Signal.

sorry pics now added

Wow they are lovely.

Goodness me! Those are lovely Smile

Shocked Incrediable

im open to offers or trades ta
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