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Glass worktop - recycled

I've been looking at recycled glass worktops.

I've found one company who has a nice looking product (well it looks good in the photos). I've been trying to get hold of the company to visit them, but no replies. On researching this company I found some bad reviews about the quality of their product and their attitude towards the customer. At that sort of time I understand they may have gone bump, but have now restarted.

I was wondering if others have had good, bad, indifferent experiences of recycled worktops they'd like to share before I waste a bucket full of cash please.

If you don't wish to be public, PM me please.

Thanks in advance Smile

i have used recycled timber for worktops which if you add in the time required for cutting,refinishing etc etc is more expensive than getting new and only cutting to fit,i have seen an old snooker table bed used as work surface ,that probably isnt much help unless it adds to your options .
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