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Gloucestershire Old Spots.

I had two pedigree litters of GOS's in January and from a choice of six gilts, here are some pictures of the three that I've chosen to keep. The other three have been sold.
Their sire was a Carhall Patrick and I have the dam here on the farm. She is a Theoak Josephine.

There 'pet names are Olive, Olga and Olwyn. The Three O's

Walkies !

I'm pretty pleased with how they are growing, what do you think? scratch

I think they look beautiful.

We haven't got pigs at the moment, we have too many sausages in the freezer.

Looking lovely Well filled hams. How do you stop them from rooting? My old GOS x saddleback sow would have ploughed that grass in a flash.

Meant to add my last three Saddleback weaners where called Basil, Olive & Vera.

I love that one TS. Laughing
They've got lots to go at and the weather has been pretty dry of recent, so they haven't really got stuck in yet.

A couple of nights ago we finally managed to get Matty, our new boar out of the sty and on grass in his new run. Fingers crossed that he stays put.

"My new house?"

"That's not half bad you know? I think I could like it here"

And we also moved our three six month old gilts into a fresh grass filled paddock.


im pig broody now ,but have neither time or location for any .

they look ace ,good confirmation and a decent size for their age .

you are a good "nanny" to porkers Cool

The three 'O's show their three 'A's.
Olwyn, Olga and Olive. Pedigree registered gilts born 02/03/15


splendid beasts Cool

I snapped a picture of Gladys this evening, there's no such thing as privacy. thumbup

I should be welcoming some new faces sometime in the very near future.

Very Happy

A small litter of only seven. Gladys was already tucking into the afterbirth when I went out to her this morning, so I guess that the full compliment of spotties . thumbup


Fabulous piggies again

Even if sweet dreams aren't made of these, my sausages and burgers most definitely are. thumbup

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