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gmail account question

Is there any way that I can cause messages from a particular person to be bounced back to them? One of my colleagues keeps sending my work emails to my home address. It means my personal email is now bouncing around the NHS intranet. I've asked her face to face and via email. I could block them but I would rather they bounced so she eventually takes a moment to sort it out. If I have to block them would she be aware that I've done this?

Have you tried setting up a filter for those emails and then forwarding them back to her with the a/c forwarding settings. Not a true bounce but she should get them back.

The Gmail help states:-

If you only want to forward certain kinds of messages to another account, use filters to forward messages that meet specific criteria. For example, a parent could automatically forward emails from their child’s school to the other parent.

Worth a try, thank you!
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