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Goat's milk yoghurt

Anyone making goat's milk yoghurt out there?

I've bought a yog maker in a sale and it is going great..cow and soy yog production is fine, but the goat yog is like single cream.
I understand that it takes 2 litres of goat milk to make 1 litre of yoghurt. I strain all the yoghurts to get a stiffer product but the goat yoghurt passes straight through Confused

Help !!

many years ago i made goats milk yog. i dont remember a problem with it being very thin or having to reduce it by boiling to half volume iirc i just boiled it from the carton, let it cool and added starter ,waited and it set the same as moo milk. sorry that does not help much.

perhaps the starter yoghurt isn't as "live" as it purports to be...

My daughter and myself have found that certain cow bioyoghurts aren't what they are cracked up to be either...using them as a starter is a good test!!
Jam Lady

As I'm sure you are aware if the milk producing animal was fed antibiotics it can indeed affect the growth of the yogurt bacillus.

Another nice "home dairying" is buy some cultured buttermilk and add a dollop to the milk to grow your own.

Plus keffir gives me that "sorcerer's apprentice" feeling (Walt Disney Fantasia reference) as I keep adding milk to keep it alive, it makes more keffir, I strain out the grains and add milk to keep them alive and around we go.

I like the idea of keffir and have been offered some..I find the taste just a bit too much, like extra strong yoghurt..which I only eat 'cos it's good for me and I can hide the taste Laughing Pirate loves the stuff, thankfully Very Happy

re ABs andthe milk DOES make better yoghurt....
Jam Lady

I had a smoothie today - 1/2 cup whole milk yogurt, 1/2 cup cultured buttermilk, and 1 cup cantaloupe, blitzed in one of those Magic Bullet devices. Yesterday's smoothie was yogurt, milk, banana, and 1/2 cup frozen blackcap raspberries.

gz, I think you'll find the fruit flavor predominates, disguising any too-strong acid notes that you find objectionable. You can do the same with keffir as a base.

And when I have bananas ripening faster than they can be consumed I peel, wrap individually in plastic film, then put as many as will fit in a heavy duty plastic bag, then freeze. Bananas can easily be sliced even straight out of the freezer, then used to make a slushie / freezer type smoothie.

Can also make green smoothie with avocado and baby spinach.

I had another go at goats milk yoghurt, and used a double layer of cheesecloth to drain it...

then you add the whey in the cheesecloth....

you can see why goat yog is twice the least I can use the whey in smoothies and baking.
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