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Goat Sex

Forgive the nature of the question but I have a female goat who came into season yesterday. The neighbours lent me their male goat overnight to share her stable. The male is young and inexperienced (last years kid, prob coming up to 1 year old) I took her kid out overnight (female 6 months old). This morning the older female is chasing him round the stable and he is running away. No sign of the tail swishing either. I let the kid back in this morning as she was shouting for her Mum.

Does her chasing him around mean that she has defended her honour all night? Once the 'act' has happened do females chase the males anyway? I know to be sure I need to wait to see if she comes into season again but it is getting late in the year.
Perhaps I need to find an older male for her?


goatcam! Laughing

Can you take a peek at her bits and see if he's left any evidence?

I will try after he has gone, they are all a bit excitable at the moment it is a bit like the wild west in there. I have fed them now so I will leave them in peace until he is collected, not sure when the neighbours will get him as my Gallego is a bit non existent. Later this evening I assume.

Every time we borrowed a billy we got stuck with it for months! The owners didn't want them back unless they had a female in heat.

In the end we got our own. So much easier. Now I loan him out instead Very Happy

Might be more successful taking the nanny to the billy.
She may be more concerned about defending her home & kid than getting her oats.
Take her to him or put them together somewhere neutral & things should be easier.
Whenever I took mine to the neighbours billy the deed was done within minutes.

Maybe she didn't like his accent?
TTouch Homestead

Before we had the rescue goats/buck arrive on the scene, I borrowed a billy rag (rag rubbed in the pee smelly beard/head area)to try and work out if our girls were coming into season. I cannot say it was a big success as there was no clear signal. Going by my girls, the arrival of the buck in the field, kick started them all into season, and fairly close together judging by the remaining big bellies waddling around...

Put a raddle on him like a sheep?

Good idea but I can't get near him even if I could find the equipment which is not easy, this is cow country here. Latest update, the kid (approx 6 months old) has def been ravaged, clear signs and 'deposits' left behind. Her mother is still playing hard to get so I am waiting for her to come in season again.
Yes Andrea you are right, no sign of my neighbours wanting the Billy back.

I found that When one of my goats were in season, their bleating noise changed, it was higher pitched and more frequent, also (we had our own Billy) Sunny, our billy would spray more and raise his upper lip.

If she is chasing him off, then i would say she isn't quite in takes seconds for them to mount, and an inexperienced billy usually misses the first few times....If she is in season her tail will go like the clappers when you touch the base of her back. And she will be in season for a short period.....but will come back into season around 21 days later

I miss having my goats....All 7 British Saanens and two Angoras Crying or Very sad

Both of my females have been coming into season since I last posted so he is not getting them pregnant yet. The youngster was in season a couple of days ago and her mother a week before that, so I keep marking activity on the calendar and wait until nature takes its course. The Billy is inexperienced but does the funny noises, waggling his upper lip and mounting them both. He is quite long haired so it is difficult to see if he is scoring a bullseye but he seems to be making the effort. Poor chap looked quite exhausted yesterday, resting in his field shelter after an active night.

Sounds like he will get there....its over so quick with them...

I remember Rita (british saanan), being served by Sunny....then came back into i thought, it turns out Rita was already pregnant and just wanted more sex!! Laughing

Rita i have to say was my favorite goat, and a real pain in the bum at times!....if things weren't Rita proof then they weren't goat proof!! Rolling Eyes Laughing
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