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Blue Sky

Goats anyone?

2 "pigmy" type goats, one billy and one nanny. (I am told they are Pigmies but cannot guarantee this). Free to a good home in central France area. Adopter will have to collect from near Eymoutiers.

We have had these animals since January 06. We had them roaming the field out back but as they kept on escaping we have now had move them into the cowshed. As this is not fair on the goats and we need the cowshed for pigs next month we have decided to let them go. THEY WILL NEED VERY GOOD FENCING OR TETHERING.

Very pretty but very timid. I think in time these lovely animals will become more friendly but you will need patience.

The nanny is very small. I doubt that you will get milk from her.

Please post any questions below

Blue Sky

... and here is a clearer picture although the female in this shot has already gone. The one on offer is plain black.

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