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Going Dutch...

The Netherlands currently holds the Presidency of the EU (this rotates every six months between the EU countries). They have just published a courageous Discussion Paper that could lead to a much-needed turn round in EU farming policy. Perhaps even to the end of factory farming...
The Dutch paper challenges the status quo. Firstly, it suggests the Common Agricultural Policy should be replaced by a Common Agriculture and Food Policy. This move would require policy to take account of many factors in an integrated manner. It would need to promote healthy diets. It would have to restore the natural resources on which farming depends soil, biodiversity and water. It would deliver high levels of animal welfare. And, it must ensure that farmers are properly rewarded for their work and skills.
Rob R

It's encouraging, no doubt about that. It's just a shame it has taken until the farming industry is on the brink of collapse before it is even talked about.

Overall we need to stop talking about farmers 'vested interests' as they are a bad thing. If you're going to dismiss evidence because it doesn't fit with the conclusion you've already drawn, that isn't really a worthwhile exercise.
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