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going self employed

just finished the night job after 8 1/2 years

now its preserves full time make or break

should be moving in the next four weeks then i need to get the

new kitchen inspected then its full steam ahead

i will keep you updated

cheers brian

Good luck, Brian. Hope that your move goes well. Smile

Very best of luck, keep us updated.

Fingers crossed for you Very Happy

It'll be really interesting to know how you get on Cool

Good luck!

Best of luck Brian !

Good luck with the preserves. Hope it goes well for you.

Exciting! Good luck Very Happy

Good luck Brian. Make sure you keep posting about markets and any time you add a new product.

good luck. hope all goes well

best of

Good for you. I hate my job.
I want to start my own business, working for other people sucks Sad
Good luck. I hope you make lots of wonga and have a better quality of life.

find something that interests you and develop it in a way that works

Yeah, good advice.
It will proberly be something to do with catering, I've had a few idea's.
What's your bag if you don't mind me asking Dpack? PM if you want.

thanks to all of you for your best wishes and thoughts

i will keep you posted

cheers brian

p.s bingo if you really hate your job go for it otherwise you will always be wondering what if!!!

Good luck Brian - wishing you all the best Smile

just an update

we did our first market as self employed at preston yesterday and sold 230 jars so not a bad start to the year

cheers brian

Excellent news Brian.

btp wrote:
just an update

we did our first market as self employed at preston yesterday and sold 230 jars so not a bad start to the year

cheers brian

Sounds very good indeed, though numbers can be misleading.

ace stuff
the game is on

Very pleased it went well for you. Very Happy

Congratulations btp for having the nerve to give up your job and going out on your own - good wishes for continuing success.
Sarah D

You'll do fine, Brian, well done. I would endorse your preserves anytime. Cool

230 sounds a good, healthy number to me.

i would just like to say thanks for all your really nice comments

just done second market at preston still very busy

moving house over the next few weeks so no markets till 2nd june

cheers brian

Good for you Brian.

By the way, I jacked my job in and went self employed too. Cool

I really hated that job.

nice one bingo what do you do now?

Up Date 4 years on

hi everyone who knows me

after 4 years of going it alone with my preserve buisness we have had
to mothball the buisness and i have gone back to my old job at the hospital i wa lucky at the interview as there were 120 applicants

we had some really good times also some times when you wondered what you were doing 70 hours a week and no wages at the end of it

if the situation gets better we might give it another go but at the moment its nice to be paid for every hour you work

but then again i prefered being my own boss

cheers btp

Welcome home. Sorry it hasn't worked out yet.

Thin times for businesses right now - things will pick up again in the end and you'll have some good solid experience to help you get going again.
You don't come out on top of an interview field that big by luck! Well done.

cheers nick


Welcome back, btp. Sorry it didn't work out for you, but well done to have got your old job back out of so many applicants.

Knowing when to call it a day is sometimes a good thing.

hi gil how are you i havnt been on here for ages hope you are well

seems to be a lot of posts i need to catch up with its nice to see a lot of mid 2004 members are still logging on seems many years ago that i joined but i will enjoy catching up

please check out a forum i have started for the people my age link at the bottom of my sig

speak soon btp
Rob R

Ah ha, another innocent victim who has yet to vote on the link in my sig...
Rob R

Just realised my sig isn't there when I post on the phone...

Welcome back, btw wave

cheers for that jamanda

i really needed to nail that job as we had put all our funds into the buisness and we just stopped getting a return with all the usual bills knocking on the door

cheers btp

As glib as it sounds, there are more regrets in things we haven't done, than things we have!

Well done on the new job.


Sorry to hear about the business but congratulations on getting your job. Being self-employed sounds idyllic to so many people but as you have discovered, the reality is somewhat different. You work harder, longer hours for far less and the risk is rather large.

Don't give up though because the jams and preserves can always be done more as a hobby on your own terms. Slowly building up stock and then perhaps, selling at the gate?

The important thing is that you will also have learned many valuable lessons, which will stand you in good stead should you choose the self-employed route again.

I think that it is an amazing achievement to have set up a business and lasted four years in these grueling economic times. You must have put in a lot of effort and commitment and had a really good product. Perhaps the preserves can now just supplement your current income? WI Markets etc.?
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