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Good idea or not?

I have been offered the opportunity of second-hand bee keeping equipment:-

Two hives, one old, one newish with frames
One suit
Two smokers
and a few other bits and bobs


This seems reasonable to me but I have been told that the lady that is selling never got on with her bees.

I am concerned for disease/infestations but reckon that cleaning/scorching could deal with that.

Is buying second-hand bee stuff a good idea?
woody guthrie

I suppose there is always a risk of spreading diseases but I have bought secondhand supers and various other bits of kit. Cleaned as best I could and used the blowtorch on all the bits that would take it.

I have always known the provenance of the gear I was buying so I was sure they hadn't give up bees after being wiped out by foul brood etc. I would go for it.

Thanks Woodie - in your view does that seem like a reasonable price?

We are so new to all this that we don't even know the right questions to ask :-/

I would go for it.If you are a beginner, its not so much to spend out.
Scorch all you can though,and, if the frames have old foundation,burn them.
All my hives have been bought second hand.
Good luck with your beekeeping. Very Happy

Thanks GG, sounds like the apiary is about to expand...... So much for my one hive only policy Rolling Eyes
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