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Good Morning!

Hello, I've just joined this forum and am unashamedly going to pick everyone's brains! I hope that's OK with you all.
I am an obsessive gardener, middle aged and getting decrepid but who cares? I run a very small gardening charity in Norfolk UK working with adults with learning difficulties and those with other barriers to employment and education. I passionately believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to garden, for pleasure and health, and that gardening should be part of the National Curriculum in schools. My mission in life seems to have become to give everyone the chance to grow stuff, whether at home, as part of the community or in an institution and whether they're young, old, healthy or infirm and all points in between at whatever level is appropriate.
And I tend to get carried away too! Laughing

Good morning and Welcome from Asturias - I would like to know more about your charity when you settle in... Very Happy


Thank goodness for passionate people. Smile

Ooh, how lovely - two responses already! Hiya! I haven't posted on a forum for ages after a fairly rocky experience on one or two but this one seems to be full of particularly interesting and sincere people. Cool

Well, my charity is called Garden Science Trust. We are based at the Ecotech Centre in West Norfolk. I absolutely love what we do and care very much about our 'service users' (hideous name!). We (only three regular staff atm) run weekly sessions in the garden for adults with learning difficulties and other disabilites and our aim is to help them learn practical skills and to build self confidence and communication skills. We also run a supported volunteer programme and are partners (with MIND and Family Action) in a community allotment project called ESCAPE which is going really well. We work closely with CSV - a wonderful charity and although we're quite small we have huge aims and big plans! Laughing

Hello from Devon

Hello and welcome. Smile Your charity sounds so positive - gardening can be such a theraputic activity for anyone but for the sector that you mention, I believe, it's particularly valuable and for the reasons that you mention. I hate the term "service users" too! The allotment project sounds brilliant - may it all go from strength to strength!
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Centaurea Smile

I fully agree with your sentiments about everyone have the opportunity to garden (except my Mum who hates it with a passion Wink ) and when in the UK I worked as a school grounds advisor helping schools set up and use their outdoor areas for gardening, wildlife and education. Have you been in touch withthe organisation Learning Through Landscapes?

Bore Da from South East Wales Smile

Welcome to Downsizer! Very Happy


Thank goodness for passionate people. Smile

Welcome from Cornwall.

Welcome from Swindon Smile

Hello from sunny Devon hello2

Hello and welcome from Wiltshire thumbleft

Bore da and Croeso from the middle of Wales.
Sally Too

Hello and welcome,

You might like to look up Growing Connections which are a similar type organisation here in N.Ireland.... I chatted a few years ago with the two lovely ladies involved in setting it up, but haven't had much contact lately. You might be able to swap some ideas perhaps.... or maybe you know them already?

And of course all the Camphill movement has the same sort of ethos regarding the benefits of gardening/farming etc.

I'll go and see if I can find a link for you...

Sally Too

Okay here they are:

I haven't looked at their site for a while, so I'm away back now to explore the photos and see how the farm has changed since I was there. Smile

Hello everyone, you are all so kind! I shall have a really good look at all the links and people suggested - thank you so much Very Happy

It's nice to find a forum with members from all over the place. I look forward to getting to know you all (and picking your brains!) Smile

You get carried away? We all do that's why we're here until they let us out.

Welcome to the asylum.

we have met in the how to dismantle a portacabin bit but hello

re other groups doing similar stuff there is one on my local allotments i will find out if they have a networker ,first couple of years was messy but things are going well for the last few years

Hi from a very soggy Somerset! You should find much to entertain you, sorry I mean inform you, on Downsizer!

Hi from SW Michigan. I think your project sounds so positive and is such good steps for helping mankind. You have a lot of courage to take on such a wonderful project. I salute you.
chicken feed

hello from the fens just over the border.

we buy alot of our garden plants from a charity similar to yours just up the road from us.
Nell Merionwen

hello and welcome hello2
gardening is a wonderful thing to be passionate about!
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hello from west-wales, and welcome a board. Very Happy
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