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Good Neighbour

Was sad to hear the other day my nieghbour Angel in Bulgaria has recently passed away, 87.

And Yova his partner has moved to town, its too much for her alone.

They were the king and queen of downsizing, lived from the land and with the seasons. I learned alot from them and was hoping to start my new life in BG this year with them there to learn from.

They didnt buy anything except bread and the odd bag of sugar and bits.And never put any rubbish in the wheely bin, they didnt have any.

They also bartered their milk for other produce up and down the valley.

They welcomed me and all the guests at my house with open arms, the milking was a big favourite with the kids.

He always had time for me and taught me some of the language.They were intrigued by England and always asked about what animals and food we had.He loved curry and chillic on carne, he never had it before I arrived.

And they taught me theres more to life than belting up and down the M62 every day.

As they say he had a good innings and was strong as an ox all his life till just before Christmas,he had an op an never really recovered

Sad indeed, but what a great life story - maybe you could write more about them some time?

Yeah got some great memories.

One thing he did realise which many Bulgarians dont see is what they had in natural wealth. He always preached to me about the natural spring, the weather, the land.

They were hard as nails Yova would strip the nettles off the stalks in my garden and he would load his scrap metal into my pick up, we used to go for a jaunt to the scrappy every so often,he loved going to town.Up till last year he had a mountain bike and its eight miles to town.

She is very dry with her sense of humour, another neighbour is a total womaniser and she had no end of amusement about the goings on.

The end of summer is always a great time, they built the big haystacks for the winter, made all the preserves, collected all the food for the animals.

He also liked a bit of amusement, he asked me to get a metal detector because theres alledgedly gold buried in the mountains, and we went in the middle of the night, he 86, she 78 digging for gold, suffice to say havent found any yet. sshhhh detectors are illegal in BG.

He also had I think was a distant relative on the Titanic, there were quite a few Bulgarians on board two from our village.

They sound a lovely couple and reminds me of a couple of similar age that I knew from the former Yugosalvia. Lydia bustling around with her broom, resplendant in her all over pinny and her matching head scarf...

They have obviously had an impact on you and I think thats a lovely legacy to leave behind.

There are similar characters here as well - but that's what makes the place.

There are similar characters here as well - but that's what makes the place.

and what is missing in so many places. Sad loss.

Worst part is they arent being succeeded in many cases, there are those who spend their lives away then come back for their retirements,and a few who dont leave, but they dont live like those folks.

Similar story all over BG but what to do?

Its not the end of the village but its a big blow.He was very proud of his place and really loved the fact I wanted to live there.I was and am included in everything even the gossip. Great community structure.

I feel sorry for Yova because she has to start afresh, she was the village patrol fetching, giving, organising, she organised everyones wood deliveries, paid my bills, received the post, got the bread from the van in the morning, announced the weather forecast.Her payment........she was nosey Smile but not too nosey, lets say she liked to keep up to date.
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