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Good source of scrap metal in the SE

Does anyone know a decent scrapyard if SE London / Kent / South Essex sort of area? Where I grew up there were a few so got used to having a ready supply of odds and ends for projects, here in fancy London they all seem a bit arty farty and want to charge you an arm and a leg and specialise in "original features".

The big piles of car parts like the the Channel 4 show are the sort of thing I'm aftern, especially anywhere that does heavier grade stuff like plant.


Most of the smaller ones appear to be dying but there are still a few around Barking/dagenham/A13 ish. Have you tried

yep there are loads around here, ferry lane used to be the heart of metal land but some seem to be moving a bit further out, just off the A13, rainham and averly ther are a few, if you want a tour let me know and we can meet up and have a look round the back roads.
And my retired neighbour makes up his pension collecting bits of scrap and selling them on while he is out so he will know the best of them.

Thanks, I may well take you up on that guided tour.
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