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Google adsense

Does anyone use Google adsense on their site, if so, can you decide which ads you do and do not want to show - e.g. exclude ads that might be at odds with your ethics/aims?

We looked in to using them back in the days when downsizer was hand-inscribed onto vellum scrolls and passed from hand to hand around the camp fire. As far as I remember you can ban any ad/advertiser that you wish. I can't remember whether or not you can do it pre-emptively or ban whole subject areas.

You can block what you don't want to see advertised on your site. It can take a few mins to do if you want to be very specific. However if you just don't want to see adult ads, gambling and perhaps any competition to whatever your own website does or sells then it is just a couple of clicks in boxes and you're done.
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