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goose shooting

My brother and a few friends of mine want to look into a trip goose shooting in Scotland next season any good links or info on area should head for would be great am starting my research now to see what's involved cheers matty
Ty Gwyn

What kind of gun does your brother have?

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It's a lanber sporting I think something but he has got multiple guns by this time next year and my friend got a baretta 686e and I plan to invest in a licence and atleast one gun . its not going to be full on just group of friends meet up once a year have a blast long weekend sort of thing but I said I would do the research for him and just see what's about . Was looking Lastnight and saw a shoot in orkney but seeing what's about. Will proberly rent a minibus or large car to drive up . Am open to ideas anyway

wild goose is a taste i have never acquired
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