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I have a goose that can't stand up, or at least can't,it would seem, support his own weight

I picked him up & he could move his feet in a sort of walking motion, but once I put him on the ground, he just lays there

He's eating & drinking readily, shows no signs of being poorly, just can't stand

If he's dislocated something will it mend by itself, or should he be this common with poultry ?

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions

Could it be worms? Waterfowl have a weird response to them, IIRC. Less likely to get them but when they do, dramatic. I've also lost a duck to something similar sounding, that was a virus. I will have a look in my book in a bit, when the kids have gone to school.

How old is he, mousjoos?

About 2 years I think maybe less

When I got home this evening he'd moved a few metres from where I'd left him this morning

He's in his box again this evening; he's been fed & watered & seems fine apart from not walking around the garden shitting on everything

My old book on Geese basically says that young Geese can get a vitamin deficiency with magnesium that can make them go off their feet:; and if older ones do, if it's not worms then it's just a thing that sometimes happens and to cull them, or if they recover, not breed from them. Good old Reginald Appleyard Smile. The newer Victoria Roberts 'diseases of free range poultry' says that worms can affect their legs and to worm with flubenvet. Not much help, sorry. I'd try worming if you haven't recently though, it won't hurt, or cost a vet visit.

I've spent 100's at the vet's recently with Wonder Dog & chief cat

I will look for the French equivalent of flubenvet & see what happens

Thank you very much
wellington womble

I had a hen that fell in a water butt full of mud and chicken sludge. After I bought her in and cleaned her up, she seemed uninjured, but went off her legs. I thought she was on the way out, but I spent a few days putting her on her feet at every opportunity (she lived in a pen in the kitchen for a few weeks) and recovered with no ill effects.

No idea if it's anything similar to your goose. It does demonstrate that poultry randomly go off their legs and recover with minimal intervention, at least sometimes, though.

This is what I'm hoping is the case with the goose

He seems to be able to shuffle about the garden over short distances

I'm looking into the worming thing this weekend; I don't want to dispatch him unless absolutely no other choice

Just brought him in for the night; he's still eating & drinking as normal

Try cider vinegar and crushed garlic in drinking water on the interim. It changes the gut balance enough to help with worms. Dog wormer - panacur - will do in a pinch for hens, but I don't know about waterfowl.

Well goose is once more upstanding

don't know what we did or didn't do but he/she slept in a box in the house for a couple of nights, & is now back with his/her siblings

thanks for all the shan't be wasted
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