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Grass growing on sheeps fleece

Noticed today that my lambs have got germinated grass seeds in their fleece with the grass about two inches long and 30 to 40 shoots per Lamb around the shoulders/base of neck area. I can see this has been caused by eating hay from the rack and the seeds dropping down onto them - the older Ewes are not effected, I guess because they are that much higher. Has anyone else ever had this? is it likely to be a problem or can I just ignore it?

I can't see why it would be a problem. Mint would be more useful though.

sheep are not my thing but getting it out seems sensible .

Thought I would close the loop on this - the shearer came last month and I relayed the germinating seed to him, he explained that this is a fairly common occurrence and no need to worry about it. So, that said - I hope this info helps anyone else who had the same experience.
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