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great global greyhound walk york team pointy

today was the great global greyhound walk

in york the unofficial count was 223 pointys ( including a few honorary ones that live with pointys ) the formal count and cash raised is for later. we all had a nice day and there were no cats or bunnies to be seen although batman, superman and a lion showed up Laughing

the number of pointy hounds in york has risen dramatically over the last few years mostly due to the good works of team pointy . when i saw today's turnout i realised that
A i wasn’t just seeing more pointys cos of mine
B we have promoted the idea of giving permanent sofa space to retired athletes, rescued waifs and rehabilitated "crims" and that it works for hounds and people when they are properly matched.

my two are at the bottom of the big set of photos one is black and white and was modelling a blue basket ( and cowboy hat Rolling Eyes ) and the other has the kiss of allah and was vogueing as usual Laughing

if in dought get a pointy Wink
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