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Green egg yolks

Made an omelette with fresh duck eggs, & upon cracking said eggs yolks appeared to be green

Explanation hopefully is that it's because they eat almost exclusively grass etc.....if not, what could it be ?

Omelette was excellent & by way of a bonus, we're not dead

You must have had them with ham?

Did you eat them on a train?
Did you eat them in the rain?

Did you eat them in a box?
Did you eat them with a fox?

I anticipated all of these responses & more

& still decided to post anyway

& still not dead

green omelettes are the future

So you liked them then?

They were very good, just a bit of a surprise at the initial cracking

The same thing happened with our duck eggs. We weren't brave enough to try them. I assumed the colour came from the small swimming pool they liked to drink from which often had algae. Perhaps this wasn't the case then.
Glad you're not dead!

"The colour of the yolk is determined by the diet of the bird, although some disease conditions can also contribute. Green yolks can be caused by birds consuming green herbage to excess. The colour can vary from olive to khaki but may only affect a proportion of birds within a flock. The fault occurs most frequently in the spring when herbage is most lush and where birds take a higher proportion of their feed from the range."

We always mark the date on our eggs & use &/or sell them in rotation.
The eggs were from the day before.....folks are not keen on duck eggs here except for baking it seems.
Chooks still eat a little corn ration,& the colour of yolks hasn't changed despite them eating a lot of green stuff... but the ducks tend to leave & race to the top of the field before the others join them, & therefore don't eat the corn
The geese seem unaffected by it all; they graze all day on the field, but I've started giving them a supplement as one or two looked a little peaky...
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