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Green manures and fruit trees

I haven't used green manures before but have some I bought a while back from Franchi Seeds and want to sow. Have some beds I could sow in but also am wondering about sowing between some fruit trees. They are still young, three year old plum trees and I haven't looked after them very well so far - think they need some TLC - plus ground currently very weedy. Any opinions about green manure around/between them, or alternatively comfrey as a longer term plan - or cover ground between them with cardboard, manure etc? We don't yet have enough compost to mulch with that but have access to lots of manure.

comfrey is a heavy feeder,best to grow it in a place with lots of manure,cut it and use it as a mulch or make a liquid feed(mixture)to feed trees etc

im told green manures are good for fruit trees

short term(or as a regular feed) a spring top dressing with blood/fish/bone will give them a boost
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