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Greetings from Gloucestershire

I live in South Cotswolds with my partner, in among the hills. We have some hens, a couple of cats and a large (for us) fruit and veg garden. We both work part time to have more quality time together and time and energy to be active in our local community and to grow food and eat it. Yum. That means were are pretty strapped for cash most of the time. Our 3 warrens lay 3 eggs each day. We never have an egg glut as we make a point of giving away eggs to various neighbours. Several neighbours are now smitten with the chicken bug and we never have any problems finding eager people willing to look after the chx so we can go away for weekends or even a week or two. Our goal is to have at least 3 crops growing in the garden 52 weeks of the year. If only we were more consistent people, but we are not..... Nice to be on board this interesting collection of downsizers.

Hello and welcome from Asturias... Very Happy

Welcome aboard Very Happy

Helo .

That's Welsh for hello.

Hiya, welcome in to DS hello2

Hiya Mr. Green

Welcome! wave

Hello from Cirencester hello2
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile
Penny Outskirts

Hello from Sapperton near Cirencester Smile
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France (I was brought up in Coln St Aldwyns between Fairford and Burford) Very Happy

Hello hello2
I have a warren, who decided to go into moult middle of the summer, and who has just come back into lay.. she is around 3-4 years old. Daft bird Rolling Eyes
What crops do you hope to grow in the winter?

Hello Smile

Hello - currently from Manchester but soon to be from south Lincs. surrounded by packing cases as we speak.

Already sort of said hello to you on the UKIP/fostering thread!

Hello & Welcome

Sounds idlyic! We have a couple of Warrens too - such sweeties - as you may guess ours are a bit more like pets.

Really nice growing your own and getting fresh eggs in the morning!

Enjoy the forum - I certainly am!
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