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Greetings from gods own county.

hey there all,
Im Kim (or Kimmy) I live in York, but am originally from Derbyshire. Although D'shire is a beautiful place I have surely been trapped by the wonderful Yorkshire and doubt I will be returning. here is now well and truly my Home.

I originally discovered this site doing a google search to help me identify some mushrooms which I believe to be Fairy Ring Champignions, but found myself scouring the site for all manner of interesting articles, forum posts and tidbits. So I thought I may aswell join in the fun.

MY own ethos seems to pretty much tie in with the site. I love the idea of foraging and gathering my own foods, I grow my own when I can (although plants seem to kill themselves when they see me coming, green fingered i am NOT), I eat local produce in season and I hate waste, will reuse and recycle whenever possible. I bicycle everywhere, not that a car would be needed in york.

Other than that I am pretty much an open book, ask me what you like and I will answer, I wear my heart proudly on my sleeve.
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile
Nell Merionwen

Hello and Welcome Kimblebee. hello2

welcome Very Happy

Hi Kim, welcome in! hello2

Welcome from Cornwall. Very Happy
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy

Welcome from over t'border in Lancashire Smile York is a lovely city Smile

Hello Kim, welcome from Asturias - I love York and visit friends there whenever I am home in the UK. Very Happy

Thanks for the welcome all.

York definately is wonderful.

I have been all over cornwall, and loved it there also, but it doesnt love me. It seems to be the only place I get hayfever. But it gives me an excuse to eat all the lovely local honey =D

Never been to Lancashire myself. Love hotpots mind you Very Happy

Also been all over Germany, ived there for many years being an Army brat, but never spain or france. Unless you count disneyland joker

Hello & welcome from a very wet SW France

Contrary to popular belief, Essex is in fact God's own county...or at least where he'd choose to have a holiday home if time allowed...

but where you are comes very close Very Happy

Hello from a Yorkshire native Smile

Hello from sunny Devon hello2

hello from Mid-Wales Smile

Eh up.

Hello from Wiltshire Very Happy
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