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Greetings from the south of Sweden...

Hi, I just found this site through 'GOOGLING' for "Ground Elder Recipes"... and after a little perusing through the website and Forum, decided I most definitely will be using this site more in the future.

I am a semi-retired Pacific Northwest (U.S.A.) transplant to the Northwest part of Skåne, in the south of Sweden. Love making sculpture, gardening and doing permaculture activities on our 0.7 acre property. Very Happy

Welcome on board

Welcome Aboard Very Happy

Hello! Smile

Welcome from the far South West of Britain. Very Happy
Like your sculpture.

Welcome from the far South West of Britain. Very Happy
Like your sculpture.

Thanks Tavascarow, for the like and welcome.... It is a small piece carved from birch, a remnant of the stump from felling the tree, days after moving into this place. It's called 'Seal' of course... being an abstract of. I wish I had your climate/growing zone here...Oh, the things I would plant... Laughing

tahir, sean and vegplot... Likewise thanks for your welcoming posts as well.

welcome to downsizer. Very Happy

Hello from sunny Devon hello2

Hello from freezing Derbyshire today, yesterday just teeshirts !
Mistress Rose

Welcome from the sunny South. Yesterday it was the very wet south.

Hello and welcome. Smile

Another South-Wester here, from sunny (yesterday, soggy!) Somerset. You will find much to inform, infuriate and amuse on ds Smile

What sort of area do you live in? I've never been to Sweden!

yes, hello and welcome!

Hello Very Happy

It's still feeling a little Scandinavian here but at least the days are longer!

I'd love to hear about your permaculturing Laughing

Hello from South West Scotland! (but in Kent at the moment!!) Smile

Hallo from SW France, which is feeling a little Scandinavian at present
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hej från Yorvik

(just me being confusing, as usual) my swedish friend refused to teach me "why learn a language that 3 million folk dont bother to use" Laughing

hello and welcome ,you mention growing things and climate ,i know it gets very cold in winter but the late spring /summer/ early fall can be quite warm and pleasant in south sweden.i recon there are plenty of things that will thrive and a few microclimate creations might extend the varieties possible .

and you have access to some great inshore fishing grounds Wink

ps i recon sweden is a good place to settle ,the uk is going to hell in a posh handbag at the moment .
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