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Ground nest

I got a bees nest in the ground.
It was under a couple of feet of garden trimmings and ten foot brambles. Now it just has a piece of corrugated steel over it.
They're not bumbles and they don't seem very angry when I have disturbed them.
Early September I will be putting a static caravan right where nest is. The nest will be roughly under the bathroom / toilet (which I will have to work underneath to connect ) and right by one of the caravan doors.
If they aren't going to be a big problem, then I am happy to leave them be.
Are they likely to be a problem with me being so close ?
Will they re-nest somewhere else next year now that the undergrowth has gone ?
Or should I re-home them ? - How, when or who ?

They are quite likely to be some sort of solitary bee...or bumble, some species do use underground holes too.
Part from honey bees..all other sorts live in their nests just one season and come to autumn will leave it..and..they are very unlikely to use the same site again.
So give a couple of months at max and they'll be gone.
As for them being so close..I doubt you'll have much trouble with them. Many bee species don't even have stings or if they have, bumbles and other bees are quite reluctant to use them.
If you find them getting bit 'rattled' with you with disturbance..I find that putting large plant pot over the nest (with open drainage holes)upside down like dome is enough to calm them down..they just need that little bit of peace near their nest entrance and will happily fly through the pot holes.

I'll leave them be then - I'll make sure somethings ontop of nest so nobody disturbs them.

I had a nest of Common Carder bees which I uncovered when clearing a bit of garden. They were no problem and have already left so I imagine yours will be on their way before long.
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