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Jam Lady

Grow My Own Shiitake Mushrooms

Inoculated logs with spawn plugs in May 2013. Got a few last year after soaking logs in bathtub. This year we've had ample rain (after the previous dry month) and the mushrooms are loving it!


Well done you. We tried a few years ago but got nowt.
Jam Lady

It was like this -

How do you eat them, Jam Lady? I've had a good crop from my logs but I'm not overly keen on them fresh. I've found them to be much better dried and then rehydrated.
Jam Lady

I slice and saute in butter, serve with steak. Slice and stir fry with sugar snap peas and chicken or shrimp over rice or thin noodles. Use in mushroom soup.

Another possibility that I ate at a restaurant last night but have not tried yet myself - cold smoke for 2+ hours, dice, and use with other stuff as filling for poblano rellanos.

if you salt shrooms into the gills then lay them on a rack ,gills down, overnight to drain they take up smoke much better (like kippers)(pps i smoke em for longer than 2 hrs) and can then either be used strait away,dried fully for later or part dried and pickled in balsamic .adding other other flavors such as garlic and herbs at the pickle stage is rather nice Wink

ps well done for the log crop Cool
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