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Grow your own furniture!!!

Grow your own furniture.
I like it but I know I wont like the price.

the price is what his market will stand but 2.5 k for a bentwood stick chair seems a bit steep

I've already started looking at old waste pipe and plumbing fittings in a completely different vain ! Laughing
wellington womble

I am so tempted to have a go. I know they take time, but the prices are ludicrous. Also, lampshades and mirror frames don't really count as furniture in my book.
Mistress Rose

Very clever but not sure I really like them. Willow isn't the best wood for furniture either. There are other ways of achieving something a bit similar. It is having the vision to use the pieces of wood in the right way that makes something special. It needs crafsmanship to make a practical piece of furniture that won't fall apart after a few years or less.

i have a chair made from a few bent sticks and a plank with a bum groove carved into it .

that has lasted about 180 years and used bits of wood that had been coppiced that were then used by skilled chair makers.

im fairly sure it was a very reasonable price at the time it was made and a similar antique one could be bought retail today for a few hundred quid,a new one would be a similar price,

2 a year so far and the price per year of comfy sitting drops the longer it lasts

the grow a chair ones are clever but a novelty item for folk with a need for novelty as well as a need to sit down rather than a way to supply wood chairs imho
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