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Guelder Rose

I previously posted this as a topic and now having picked some Guelder Rose berries and tried to cook them up as a jelly, I wish I never had - the house has been smelling like dirty old socks ever since. I seriously believe that what my grandmother had called Guelder Rose Jelly was infact Rowan Jelly, having now tasted the two side-by-side. My apologies to anyone that replied to this topic saying that they tasted anything other than awful sign11
, especially cab, who was most diplomatic ...


I did try this once, found it rather lacklustre.

I wonder whether there might ba a better use for them?

Surprised Lacklustre is not the word ...

A rose by any other name

A rose by any other name doesn't necessarily smell just as sweet. I find the plant itself stinks like stale piss, certainly not very appatising.

Guelder Rose is one certainly worth sending back to the dungheap!
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