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wellington womble

Hanging a Hammock

I have a hammock. I have redundant spreader bars. I have two old fence posts about ten feet apart in a nice shady spot under a sycamore tree (I don't like the sycamore tree, but I'll take any shade in this weather)

How can I fix the hammock to the posts in such a way that the rope doesn't slip down to the bottom as soon as I sit in it? They're just fence posts, so there's no irregularities to hold a rope in place.

Bang a large nail into each post.

depending on the rope a couple of turns and a suitable hitch should do it. as sean said a big nail and tie off above it will also do the job.
i use the hammock cord (or 7mm soft braid ) on most supports
sliding isnt an often an issue due to the angle of pull

the leverage on a few feet of post will be considerable , if they do not seem very strong and stable Laughing rather than using the DUP as an anchor a couple of guy ropes and stout pegs would help stop them falling over or snapping at the base
wellington womble

Bloody things are concreted in. I would actually quite like them out, but it has so far been beyond me. So it's a win-win.

I wonder if I have any suitable nails. Turns out the spreader bars (from a pair of hammock chairs the mice ate over the winter) are too big for the hammock seams, so I couldn't use them anyway. And it was far too hot to get the strimmer out and deal with the nettles underneath.

While I was messing about with the spreader bars (which have clips on them) I was thinking a big eye bolt would do nicely, because I could clip it on and off more easily.
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