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hanging a headless pheasant

Hi all,

I accidentally beheaded a pheasant and was wondering whether I can still hang it. Other than missing her head, she's in perfect condition.


Has it any neck left at all ? If so, just tie it up below the neck stump

If you have taken all its neck off, you could run some string under its armpits and suspend it like that.

if you prefer your pheasant gamey, why not dress it now then let it rest in a marinde in a cool place for several days, the flavour will still develop but you don't have to fret about hanging it with a hole in it

i prefer fresh, stewed
or maybe cold roast with sweet sauce

dont do that sally thats just silly. Marinading drys game out contrary to popular belief
trust me i am a vicars son

Thanks for the advice. I've hung it up by the remaining neck. It turned out to be a very productive drive to town. Two very fresh pheasants within a few miles of each other.

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