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Hanging birds

Head up or down? does it matter and if so which? I didn't think it did and then someone said that they should always be hung head down (he didn't know why he just thought that was the case)

Head up, by the neck. Upside down lets the putrescing guts bear down on the breast, risking tainting the meat.

The trip home in the footwell of the pickup with the heater on full blast will give you that gamey tang........


Head down for chickens so that the blood drains into the broken neck cavity. But you don't hang them for long like you do game birds. Game birds head up.

Thats spot on thumbup
To be honest, I've never really been into the hanging of game and its not something that I do. I'd argue that game tends to be tastier than domestic poultry to start with, so why the need to quite literally let it go off a bit and in some cases, a lot? Does hanging game really enhance something thats already pretty tasty ?

Bebos advice is spot on, I've always hung that way. But I have heard the alternative view, that hanging breast down is better because you get more tenderisation of the breast meat. I don't believe thats true, but is the justification I've heard for that.

The other thing I'll add is that, in my view, you just don't need long hanging for most game birds.

There are many ways to make pheasants tender. Do you remember this method ? Very Happy
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