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hanging pheasants - what's too long ?

How long is too long to hang a pheasant in these mild-ish temps, and how would I know ?

Possible options ?
Green Rosie

Dad used to hang his pheasants until they were quite literally green (and even sometimes had maggots on them). He said it made for a better flavour. Quite frankly I thought they tasted revolting and were a health hazard but he never seemed to get ill from eating them.

So in answer to your question - possibly a long time Rolling Eyes

I've hung one for a week with no discernable change.
I've heard you're "supposed" to hang them until you can pull a toe off pale
Green Rosie

I've heard you're "supposed" to hang them until you can pull a toe off pale

Yup - Dad would have agreed with that puke_r

think an old saying (not sure where i heard it) but hang till the maggots fly away. but i dont think i would hang them for much more than a week

I don't bother any more, but if I haven't got time I'm happy to leave them for a few days. Just as good fresh though.

I thought the header said "hanging peasants..."

I don't hang them for more than a couple of days as I'm not keen on the flavour of rotting meat! They are normally young birds in any case, so they don't need to semi-decompose before they are edible.

We had some last week that had been hanging for seven days (we forgot them Embarassed ). I am just about to eat some that were shot last Friday and have been hanging in a cold shed. For me that's just about right. I intended to prepare them yesterday and forgot again. Rolling Eyes On the other hand I was in work all day so Jack did them and also stuck them in a casserole ready for supper. Smile

Three days is my preference.

I understood the tradition was to hang them by the head, and when they've rotted enough to fall, then they're ready to eat.

Tradition is a funny thing. Confused

These were shot last Friday, so they should be OK to process tomorrow, then.
Nicky Colour it green

i dont hang them at all - i loathe the gamey taste of hung meat.... So i eat or freeze the day or day after it died.
Colin & Jan

Hanging is OK if you are sure what has happened to the bird. The trouble is if a dog has crunched them when retrieving or they have been shot at close range then decomosition will take place quicker. Having plucked/skinned/dressed many hundreds (probably thousands) over the years I am a believer that earlier is better than later. Unless I want to give as a present or sell a brace or two I tend to skin and remove the breasts and legs; disposing of the rest.

I tend to skin and remove the breasts and legs; disposing of the rest.

That's what I used to do when we had a regular supply of pheasants. There's damn all on the rest of them anyway.

yep ,and fresh is best

rotting wont kill you if it is well boiled but why puke_r ?
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