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Happy in Hungary

Hi there,

This might be a bit confusing but I'm a New Zealander living in Hungary posting on

I have lived here for the last 15 years or so and have a couple of small properties here, on one of which I built a strawbale house, which I share with my partner and son.

Officially I teach at the university but spend most of my time on some building project involving wood, mud or straw and I'm also helping a friend to import Hungarian fruit/grape presses to the UK.

If anyone has any questions about living in Hungary (or winepresses), don't hesitate to contact me . Smile

I'm sure to pick lots of people's brains about making cider and fruit wines - which is relatively unheard of here being a wine country.

Hi Jube, welcome in to DS! hello2

Thanks for the welcome
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hello there Smile

Wine mmmm
Penny Outskirts

Hello hello2 Do you have a link for the presses Very Happy

I am sure once you have let the locals try cider that they will be hooked Laughing

Hello Jube

My son lived for a few years in Zalaegerszeg. I'm guessing you're nearer to Budapest?

Hi Jube, Croeso!! Very Happy
We'll be visiting NZ in a month's time Very Happy

Are you anywhere near the International Ceramics Centre in Keskemet? Well worth a visit. Cool

Hello and welcome from Asturias... Smile

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