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Has anyone been fishing on the mid or north Wales Coast ?

Has anyone been out and about with their rod ? Any success stories or good locations to try. Was thinking about the Lleyn on the topside down from Morfa Nefyn...

i never got much as a kid fishing in various anglesey locations but that might have been me rather than no fish.

as far as fishing from dry land goes the sea angling websites are often fairly accurate regarding what is what.

i try to find places people wont go to but fish will go to.

If you dont get any fish you can pop in to bodger and drown your sorrows in cider and sausages....

Nefyn is where Bodger fishes from and seems to catch a fair bit.


There's a good chance of some early bass, if you get in touch I'll try my best to push you in the right direction.

In addition to being your fishing guide, I'm also in a position to supply you with ample sustenance in the form of free range Gloucester Old Spots sausages and burgers, farm pressed apple juice and cider, plus free range hen and duck eggs and of course, your own freshly caught fish. Laughing
Graham Hyde

Years ago I used to be an enthusiastic scuba diver and spent many days diving off Anglesey which has hundreds of wrecks. When diving was not possible due to bad weather we used to shore dive off Nefyn which had a small wooden pier.
The marine life here was the best I found in the UK with many types of wrasse, tin pot blennies, atlantic prawns etc. and one time the biggest cod I have ever seen....this is a fishing tale but I swear it was close to three foot.

I ate that one Graham. Rolling Eyes

Years ago I used to be an enthusiastic scuba diver and spent many days diving off Anglesey which has hundreds of wrecks.

I learned to dive off the coast of Anglesey with a local school and did most of my diving there.

Hi, Thank you ever so much for the replies.
The weather was pretty poor for campin' with kids, so I roamed rodless and frustrated closer to home.
But I will be making my way up there soon and will take up your kind offer of advice Bodger !
Last time I went up there I caught my first and only bass !


The weather is carp here right now.

a slight aside but although most folk spin something shiney for bass i find a slide floated ragworm about 3 m down very effective in various unlikely places

or 3 unbroken waves back off a suitable stormy rocky place with owt shiny tumbling in the swell Wink
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