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Has anyone used this website?

I saw this advert in the spring 2008 issue of Scotland in Trust but the web link didn't work (timed out) from both my work and home computers. Has the company gone bust?

Text of advert follows...

the smarter way to work abroad

Want to spend time abroad but don't want to give up your career? is a job exchange website for professionals.

More and more skilled people in their twenties, thirties and forties would love to live and work abroad for a while but are put off for a number of reasons:
* will I find a position to suit my skills in a foreign country?
* will I lose valuable skills and insight into the industry in the UK while I'm away?
* what will happen to my career path here if I work abroad?
* what will my employer think?

By arranging a temporary job exchange with someone who has skills similar to yours, you have the security of a job to go to, you'll kepp your skills up-to-date (as well as learn new ones) and you will have your own job to return to when you come home.

From architects to account managers and everything in between, find your ideal job exchange at

register your own job or search for an exchange - it's FREE

It's a good idea, A. However the link timed out for me too. Sad
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