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Has the latest post button broken?

whenever I hit the latest post button I used to get all threads with new posts since the last time I logged in. Now when I do that I get about three pages of threads including items which have no new posts for several days. Is it me or the site?

It is deliberate.

It can be annoying if you have been accidentally logged out, not to see the recent threads when you log back in.

Equally more than 3 days of threads is generally more than enough for anyone who has been away to catch up on, and if they really want more, there is an option for more below latest posts to see more.

Yuk. Dont like it. Cant see any gain at all.

If I wanted to see further back the "search time" = 1 day to 1 year function seems to cover what you have changed the latest post function to cover.

The "latest posts" should be just that.

I will now have to keep a mental note of each time I am logged on so that when I come back I dont have to trawl through loads of threads that I have already read to find the "latest posts".

The unread threads still show blue and have the little "newest" icon next to the topics.

I thought they showed blue if you had not looked at them not that they are new since you last looked? I have blue ones in the list from 8pm ish but I have logged in & checked since then.

Plus chat (and games & does it matter) ones are mostly yellow even when old or new.

The tracking system is cookie based and only tracks 150 topics at most.
Green Rosie

I just thought everyone had been been very busy posting messages. Likewise I did prefer it the old way too.

Same here.
Nicky Colour it green

me too. but I'll cope Cool

I honestly think people will get used to it, especially now the whole read/unread thing is working better.

I also hope people are noticing the site is faster, and the latest posts change is a part of that.

What was happening was that every one was getting their own two personal and large database queries each time they hit latest posts.

Now every one gets the same query and answer and so the answer is cached by the database, you may be seeing more threads but the search results should be being delivered much faster than they were.
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