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Haven't got a clue on this mushroom

There were some mushroom type thing growing on a piece of old hardboard that OH had put down as a dry stepping stone next to the greenhouse some years ago.

It has begun to rot and this mushroom had appeared as if attached to it or under it anyway.

Unfortunately before I could take a photo of it the dogs had charged across it and broken it up (they wanted to inspect what I was looking at")

Underneath it had gills? white and delicate looking, and its top looked almost like a browny coloured Plaice looks when it is sitting on its ice bed in the fishmongers (without the eyes!!)

It was quite big and not round like an ordinary mushroom but spready .

I also noticed some other mushrooms (or toadstools or whatever) in the same area where old wood had been, they were more like some of those in the "experts" pictures here.

The one I mention first was probably between 4-6" across easily ..before the dogs ran across it ..

I wouldn't feel safe to "eat" anything I found just by looking at pictures though, would much prefer to go out with someone who knows about these things and learn first, although we do eat ordinary field mush when they appear, this year was good which is a bit rare down here.

Used to get some lovely puffballs in Northamptonshire.

Anyone got any idea what this mushroom? might have been.

It also had a sort of slimy wet look about it, not too appetising really but may have been getting old.

Really quite hard to guess without any pictures... Any traces left after the dogs charged? Even bits might help.
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