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Had a really good haul of hazelnuts this morning, all along a footpath where wind overnight had blown them down. Plenty of unripe ones still on the trees, but now seems about right to nab early ones before the squirrels get them all


I planted some supermarket hazel trees here 2 winters ago and we have our first nut, being carefully inspected for maximum ripeness. I shall pick it soon.
Mistress Rose

Make sure you keep squirrels, jays, dormice, and anything else that likes hazelnuts off it then.

Good luck, and enjoy your slice. Very Happy
Northern Boy

I've never really got to grips with hazlenuts - what do you do with them, esp those hard green ones?
Nicky Colour it green

I only gather the ripe brown ones - usually off the floor - but if you can roll them out of their husk on the tree, they are ready

Best thing we do with hazelnuts is roast them and then make chocolate nut cookies

We make a nice pesto sauce out of them, shell and then roast in a frying pan for a few minutes, then chop up with garlic, basil and olive oil. They also go well in simple biscuits finely chopped.

I hope to try some roasted in their shells this year and fancy trying frying a mackerel with a finely chopped hazelnut and fennel seed crust as I've got plenty of both at the moment.

hazlenut brittle is good, I also grind them into meal and add them to griddle cake mixes
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