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Health and beauty ideas

As suggested by Mochyn in the making rosewater thread, I am sure there are lots of tips, ideas and suggestions that have been raised in the past that are in danger of being forgotten or are worth elevating to article status.

If you can think of any suitable threads, could you please create a link to them here.
Equally, if you have any other ideas that are just waiting to be seen by a wider audience, please add them here as well.

Then we can collate them into an article.
Or, even better, someone could enthusiastically volunteer to collate them into an article. Laughing

Mum used to make a turmeric/dough poultice to bring out bruises, wonder if she'll remember how?

In the 1940s my Mam used to make a soap and sugar poultice to draw out spelks. Being inner city kids, we used to get loads in our fingers from the wooden props our mothers used to hold up the washing lines in the back lanes........ Gosh, I'm getting nostalgic here!!
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