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Heated propogator

I've been given a heated propagator by a friend, it looks kinda like [url=]this one[/url] but with a frosted cover.

I've never used a heated propagator before, is there anything special I need to do, or do I just plug it in with some seed trays sewn with seeds?



a quick PAT is a good idea ,water electric etc,make sure the thermal cut out and thermostat works as well as the basics of earthing ,wire etc

a thermometer helps set it for temp ,some seeds need above ,some need between and too hot will cook most so look up what suits this weeks babies.

remember that although most seeds cope well with damp seedlings dont so use the vents once things have spouted and move stuff out to a greenhouse or sill or cold frame once they have leaves .

apart from those things they are pretty good at getting fast reliable germination

Watch out for them cooking on a sunny day - they can't cool themselves down (only warm themselves up).

I sow my seeds on top of damp compost and then cover them with dry compost - reduces damping off problems.
wellington womble

Mine didn't have a fancy thermostat, but suffered terribly with damp and condensation. The last few years, I have just left the lid off, which worked fine (I did keep it indoors, though) sadly, it's in storage.

This may be useful for choosing the temperature
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