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Heating a small apartment

I'm in the process of converting a 40m sq annexe into a place for me. No mains gas so heating is either electric or something else. Underfloor electric is very expensive and wallheaters might take too much current (the annexe is using the same supply as the main house so I've not got too many Kw to play with. If wallheaters are no go how about a small woodburner? I know it's not fantastically controllable but not expensive. Unless anyone has a cunning idea?
The place will be very well insulated so I dont need too much heat, probably 3-4kw.

Would 17 amps make a huge difference? Can you upgrade/add a new consumer unit as installing a wood burner will be costly? Do you have somewhere to store the logs etc?
Mistress Rose

A small woodburner does have advantages; you can use the top for some cooking too, but getting the flue installed is expensive these days.

if you have a "free" supply of wood the difference in price between paid for electricity+wall heaters vs woodburner and flue will soon swing to favour woodburner.

plus it is a more secure system in uncertain times and you can cook/heat water with wood as well.

the downside is you have to plan a wood supply,feed and control the thing,clean out ashes etc which isnt an issue with leccy

how much a flue would cost depends on the location of the burner and can be anything from low hundreds to a few grand

729! They have got to be bloody joking.
wellington womble

An insulated flue will easily be the same again, too.

How does it balance against what a boiler might cost?

I personally wouldn't be without a woodburner, I'd rather have one than a telly. Having said that, living with no other heating it was a bit of a faff. Manageable, because I didn't have a job at the time. I had to buy wood in, so it was much more expensive than electric would have been but at least I knew what the costs were beforehand.

if you are outside a smoke control area the price of woodburners reduces dramatically .
flue costs very much depend on where it goes in the premises and how it is an insulated double skin is costly but a simple pipe with a couple of swept bends and a rodding point is fairly affordable, in any case it needs to be safe so will involve some costs .
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