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Hedgerow berry madness

It's an incredible year for berries round here. We have picked tonnes of elderberries and blackberries. Also some wild plums, rowan berries, sloes, crab apples.

So far partner has made wine from elderberries, blackberries, bullaces, plums.

I have made rowan jelly, hedgerow black jelly (crabs, blackberries, elderberries and sloes) and a spiced apple butter including some crabs as well as eating apples.

I am planning to try rosehip syrup but think rosehips better when not completely hard, as they were last time I checked them.

Also want to try Spicy Haw Ketchup - a recipe with hawthorn berries from Pam Corbin/River Cottage. But the hawthorn berries seem the furthest along, some of them gone over now, so may have missed the moment.

Hopefully lots of birds should make it through this coming winter with all this food available for them - despite all our picking.

Interested to hear about rowanberry wine. Perhaps another year though - we are running out of demijohns.

The hedges round here are crimson with haws (though i find them mealy and not with the bother).

Yellow cherry plum gin is good; same method as sloe gin. Gooseberries are a nice addition to the mix, or even a couple of slices of guava for fragrance.

I've also made jam and jelly with them.
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