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Hello Again Everyone

Sorry for going AWOL but things have been a little difficult here, I now have a DH who is off sick with severe stress and it looks like our dream of moving to Wales is happening sooner rather than later as he'd rather be unemployed in a better place Sad

My SAHM days are coming to an end as I will have to become the breadwinner and I am having to leave my lovely big garden which is merrily producing away for me and have to take what I can get in Wales.

I don't even know if we will be able to afford the internet yet so it's all a case of wait and see.

Love to all

Very sad confused moggins

Blimey, if there's anything you need help or info on then make sure you let us know. Good luck.

Oof Moggins. I wish you the very best - you never know though that it might all come better than you ever hoped even if everything's up in the air at the moment.

If there's anything we can help with (ideas, contacts etc) pipe up, and good luck.

I just don't know where I am at the moment to be honest, I'm having to find storage to get rid of some of the junk so we can at least redecorate quickly to get the house on the market, I have a bath tap that is running, not dripping but can't find a plumber to touch it as it needs replacing and not just a new washer. I have to book accommodation in Wales so that I can come down and view houses and hunt for a job too.

And to top it all off I'm having to do this alone with a 3 year old in tow because DH won't even get out of bed.

Just after we'd got both kids places at the schools we wanted for them too Sad and the area has become so much more peaceful and a nicer place to be.

Good luck, hopefully you will figure the interent is one of the cheapest means of information and entertainment there is...

Your daily newspaper, social chat, encycolpedia, money saving tips....

Sorry to hear that Moggins, I hope things start to improve real soon.

Can Job Centres help with relocation? Do they have a central database?

Maybe some of our Welsh contributors could send you a local paper from their you have a location in mind yet?

Don't forget to look after yourself too, Moggins. You sound as though you need to take some time to step back from all this chaos and think. You need to be strong, but it won't help your family to drive yourself too hard.
Mrs Fiddlesticks

echo totally what Judith says. Be kind to yourself Moggins.

Severe stress is awful, what sort of help is your DH getting? Does his employer offer help or can they do something about re-locating? Or does he want a complete change of career?

We're only an hour away if you need a break. We often pop in to Gloucester as we have relatives in the area so give us a shout if we can help in anyways.

I have no better words than those others here have already spoken to you. Take care of yourself, and best of luck.

Job centres do have a national database, and you can access it yourself at:

Thanks for that Sean, it's been very useful.

Luckily after the sale of this house we will be left with about 60K. After searching on the internet I have found quite a few 3 bed houses in Wales for under this price so at least we would be mortgage free and only have to worry about the bills and food.

Which part of Wales? Can I help in any way? I could send local papers as has been suggested, or details of estate agents... we used Harry Ray (they're on the net) and they were brilliant if you want near here.

Tell us what we can do to help, please!

Moggins poor you. Like the others said please look after yourself and remember we're all here for you. Hopefully the change will do you all good, things can only get better hun ((hugs))

I can only echo everyone else's sentiments, Moggins.

Like everyone else here, if I can help in any way please let me know.

Moggins, always here for you chum, nothing practical I'm afraid like all these lovely people, but I am thinking about you and G.

So sorry to hear about all this, just as things were getting better for you. If I can help in ANY way at all, you only need to ask.

Half term is coming up..... I can bring boys and cake if you're up for visitors.
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