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hello again!

I guess this isn't just a 'welcome' thread, maybe it can also be a 'welcome back' thread....
I've been posting on the energy forum for a week or so, and suddenly thought it may be polite to say hi & let you know what's been going on.

I'm not sure when I last posted here, judging by my avatar it was about 5 years ago.
Its been a busy few years. The little chap in the picture is now a giant, even at the age of 7, and he has a 2.5 year old brother too. Lots of football and minecraft.
Still in York, still working for the Environment Agency. Work is getting tough as public sector cuts bite. Not sure what the next parliament will bring for us.

Still brewing, though I've decided to give up on the wine. It was consistently horrible. Doing a lot of cider, however. OH doesn't like it, all the more for me!

It's great to see such a lot of the same names still here, and the atmosphere is as welcoming as it ever was. I only intended to post one thing, but everyone's been so welcoming its hard not to stay!


Lovely to see yoiu back, some of us dont get time off

Hello James, it is lovely to see you back. Very Happy

Hiya James, you've been busy! Laughing

Welcome back. Very Happy You don't look a day older.

Nice to see you again. Very Happy

Who are you?
Mistress Rose

I think I have joined since you last posted, but enjoyed our discussion on the energy thread. Hope you continue posting.

welcome back! Good to hear about the cider!

Goodness me! G is sitting opposite me adn says hello Smile

I'm still using that recipe for cream you put on here years ago. It's great stuff for sore, chapped skin.

Good to read you again, James!

Welcome back. Smile
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