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Pel 2

Hello Again

Hi All,
I'm Pel from before, but kinda forgot my password, and decided i'd rejoin, cos well lots changed, and i havent posted for a little while.

I live in Sennybridge now, pretty little place. I work as a harvesting site supervisor for the brecon beacons and black mountains for NRW.
I broke up with my hubby back in oct 2014.. mutal split really, he got diagnosed with General Anxiety disorder, which fits everything for the past 6 years or so, he has been diagnosed now for a year, and is finally seeing a therapist/counselor. Our son who is now 5, lives up with dad still in Aberystywth. He can read, which is so cool!!! I see him every weekend, and his dad and I are still friends. I find i can support him better as a friend than a wife-carer.

I finish work about 4.30pm, and what im looking for is a farm/smallholding/horses to go and help out on of an evening.
For the ones who dont know me I have 5 years experience with cattle, sheep, pigs, hand milking goats and cows basic knowledge of horses, alpacas (got farming in the blood too).

So a big hello basically, hope to keep in touch more soon, as getting wifi in my house this month.

Hi Pel! wave

Hiya Pel Very Happy
Good to see you back Cool

Hello again,sorry things haven`t gone well for you both,but things sound good for you. Onwards and upwards.

Could do with a hand right now lambing, bit of a commute for you though!

Hello again and welcome. Smile

Hello! hello2
Sorry life hasn't gone quite as you planned, but looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.
Pel 2

Thank you all. Life throws random things at you, just got to spin the positives out of them. Living in a beautiful bit of the country, with a reasonably well paid job, roof over my head, still friends with ex and get to see Cae at weekends Smile
Nicky Colour it green

welcome back Smile

Hi Pel. Nice to hear from you. We can reset the old password if you like, or you can have fresh start with a new id.
Pel 2

Would prefer old username. If you could do that be great, ill try not to forget it this time, post more Smile
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