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Hello and if possible some advice

Hi I've been a lurker on this site for a good couple of years, getting stacks of tips and idea's. However there comes a time when a person needs to join in! A bit about my predicament.
I bought a house in North West Bulgaria about 10 years ago and have had it renovated over the past few years ready for me to up-sticks from the UK when I reached the dreaded 50. The time has now arrived, in fact over shot by a year, but I was already to move. Now for the not so good bit: my boss decided to branch out on his own and for some weird reason wanted me to continue working for him. after much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my behalf (somehow) I agreed to 5 more years. So to the point, I've spent quite a few quid on the renovation and all that needs doing is fixture and fittings. I.e. kitchen and bathroom fitted. The house has water, electricity and a couple of septic tanks for waste, but nothing at all in it.
I don't want to sell it as its in a lovely quite village miles from anywhere and as its not finished I can't rent it. So what would you people do in my shoes? I had thought about letting someone stay in the house in return for looking after it. I would pay for the kitchen and bathroom to be fitted all they would need to do would be to look after the house and garden. The garden is massive and very fertile. The train station is a couple of miles away if you don't have a car.
Sorry for the long 1st post but I would like other people thoughts on this subject.

it sounds delightful and a very good offer for the right person.

i recon finding the right person will be the difficult part .

ps hello

Hello from Somerset! I have to say my first thought on reading your predicament was, you were going to 'retire' from your job at 50, you have been working up to it and got your finances sorted out, presumably, and now you've agreed to stay on for another 5 years!!! 5 years! Why?

However I'm sure someone with a more practical response will be along soon Smile

Why not continue with your plan?

If you do decide to get someone, possibly advertise it in some specialist places such as Permaculture Magazine but make sure you are clear about what you want doing with the land or bathroom. I would find it hard to let someone else choose these things for me if it was my house and I intended to stay there long term. Peoples taste can vary enormously.

Hello from Ayrshire Smile

If you can afford to go now.......just go . Otherwise it will be another five...and another......

Obviously I don't know all your situation but I was struckdown with muscular dystrophy at 49 and now at 58 everything has to be worked out and over planned. If you can just stick to your original plans you have a right to or not to sell your labour.


I would just leave the property as it is, lock it up, get someone to check on it if you can and visit when you can in your holidays. I have tried going down the route you are considering of letting others use my property when I was not there in return for gardening/dog sitting etc and always gone horribly wrong. People have trashed the place, squatted and wouldn't leave, racked up massive bills........

Good luck. I am afraid I can't help with up in the north west, I live in central Bulgaria.
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