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Hello everyone,

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Hello everyone,

Just discovered and joined this interesting website. Have been edging closer to the whole self sufficiency thing for some years and this site is very encouraging. Anyone else from Norfolk on here I wonder?

Not I. Welcome aboard anyway. Very Happy

They have the Internet in Norfolk? Shocked

Hello from me

Haha Nick....yes, we have the internet...sometimes for whole hours at a time!

Very Happy

Welcome. The place is full of weirdoes, so enjoy.

As for self sufficiency, we have members from city dwelling guys who like to knit, or have a window box, through to off grid dwellers. So, whatever you do, think or feel, you'll probably fit right in.

Hello there, not from Norfolk but spent every summer in Happisburgh, many an hour spent cycling to Bacton or Stalham to the market or North Walsham to shop or Cromer etc. and a myriad of other villages.

Sad to see the old access point to the Beach at Happisburgh gone and the RNLI, not too keen on the metal steps down glad to find the new access point past all the old and abandoned Guest Houses.

Hello and welcome from Asturias..... Very Happy

hello from a soggy Devon hello2

Not quite Norfolk but in process of moving to South Lincs which is quite near some bits of Norfolk.


Welcome, from West-Wales. Not from Norfolk, though my brother lived near Wells-next-to-the-sea for a bit.
Are you in the North Norfolk bit, or Norfolk.. apprenetly there is a difference, one of my friend's worked in the North Norfolk bit, whilst south of Great Yarmouth the locals just called it Norfolk.

greetings from the other side .... fucyc
chicken feed

hello from me too not norfolk but close in the fen of cambridgeshire.

Welcome. I, too, am not from Norfolk, but my son lives in Norwich hello2

hello from wales. Very Happy
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hello from Somerset Very Happy

Hi from the North East Smile
Liz in Ireland

Dia duit hello2

Welcome wave. I'm not from Norfolk either, though.

Hi there!

Is Chicken Feed the nearest flatlander then?

Another Welsh hello and welcome from me too.
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