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Hello from aspiring Strawbalers in Kent

Hello from East Kent.

We are a small family run farm with a few sheep a couple of pigs and a plan to build some strawbale holiday cottages.

We have just started the groundworks - checkout our progress on:

Welcome aboard. Very Happy That's an extremely impressive lurk between joining and posting. Wink

Only 25 months, I'm sure we've had longer Wink

Welcome aboard. Seeing as you're in Kent I'd talk to EcoMerchant they do lots of stuff including lime renders and stuff. They were by far the most sensible people I spoke to when it came to glazing, fairly priced too.

Hello from Devon hello2
Rob R

I was wondering, when I saw the title, who aspires to bale straw? :lol:

Are you using your own straw?

Welcome! wave


Hello from SW Michigan Cool

Hello, welcome aboard! hello2
You do realise that we'll need daily updates and photographs, don't you? Laughing
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile
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